Monetize Your Business Without Ads.

ZeroAds is a novel platform that allows you to monetize your business with your users’ CPU power

Benefits of ZeroAds Technology


Rewards the volume of visitors, not the number of ads you show.


Can work in conjunction with your current monetization strategy.

Increase Revenue

Improve your user experience by not increasings ads to increase revenue.

Loyalty Reward

Allows you to reward your visitors, gamers, or app users to build loyalty.

Full Transparency

Full transparency to all your users, nothing is hidden.

Monthly Payouts

Monthly payouts options in fiat, not a volatile crypto currency.

Why Was ZeroAds Created?

Website Visitors Don't Like Ads - Nearly all users find ads intrusive. Some find targeted ads an invasion to their privacy. 

A New Way to Monetize - Earn monthly by monetizing by applying your users' compute to AI processing power.

Simplicity - It's so easy that a short few lines of code and you're up and running.

How Does ZeroAds Work?

ZeroAds offers the latest technology that assists our partners in providing them with computational power for the latest AI models or securing networks. With our close partnerships with several teams, we point the computational power where the highest rewards are.

You can embed our technology in your website, game, or mobile application. Your users can run our technology without any technical knowledge. Your user just needs to acknowledge and agree to run it. Think like approving cookies. Our technology runs in the background. You can offer users an ad-free experience, in-game currency, or any other way you can think to offer a benefit. 

Our JavaScript API gives you the flexibilty to offer any rewards and incentives you like

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